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Flooring Installation

We specialize in natural and hardwood flooring installation Los Angeles CA property owners. Our local contractors also work with vinyl, tile, stone, laminate, and other materials. Update your home or business with the look, finish, and color you want. Before installation, we will discuss the project with you. Learn about the various flooring materials, and have us answer any questions.

Services also include baseboard installation if your interior needs new trim. Our contractors measure the space to understand the project scope. No matter the shape or size of the interior area, we can finish the installation job. Contact us for the best services on flooring Los Angeles knows and trusts. We have affordable solutions and will work within your budget.

Flooring Repairs

For repair services, turn to our flooring company Los Angeles residents. Our local contractors will take care of any damage and restore flawed surfaces. These are the flooring repairs we offer:

  • Hardwood services for minor damage include refinishing, waxing, and buffing. A complete restoration addresses more extensive issues. Many softwoods require gentle sanding to fix damaged areas.
  • Vinyl flooring sheets may become torn and can undergo early repairs. Adhesive and sealants fix rips, holes, and bubbles. Linoleum, vinyl planks, and tiles often require removal and replacement.
  • Laminate and engineered wood with small cracks or scratches can be repaired. In some cases, our flooring contractors will have to replace the boards.
  • Natural stone and tile flooring repairs depend on the extent of the damage. We can fix small cracks or chips and replace outdated grout. Some tiling can be refinished to restore the surface.

Save on installation costs with our repair services on flooring Los Angeles CA locals. Do not wait to address any damage because it will worsen. Contact our professional contractors for efficient and reliable services.

Floor Replacement

You may feel your property interior needs a change or a more updated look. Consider replacement flooring Los Angeles CA home and business owners. Our local contractors remove any old carpeting, tiles, and other materials. We then install the new flooring of your choice to rejuvenate your space.

Another reason for replacement services is damage that cannot be repaired. Our contractors will attempt to fix the issues. However, some materials are no longer on the market, and you may need a new installation. We offer partial and complete replacement services depending on the damage and space. Have us install your new Los Angeles CA flooring residential and commercial property owners.

Refinishing Services

Save money on new hardwood flooring installation Los Angeles locals with refinishing. Routine maintenance every 7-10 years will preserve the surface. However, you may need refinishing services sooner. High-traffic areas and damage create the need for touchups. Our hardwood flooring contractors repair and restore lackluster surfaces. Sunlight causes fading, discoloration, or general wear and tear. Other damage includes scratches, scuffs, watermarks, and flaws.

We offer complete and partial hardwood flooring refinishing Los Angeles CA residents can trust. The process starts with sanding and buffing. We then apply a tinted or transparent stain and protective polyurethane sealant. You can choose to change the color or keep the existing one. Hardwood refinishing services provide flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Contact us to transform and preserve the interior of your property.

Hardwood Restoration

Damage may go beyond hardwood flooring refinishing Los Angeles CA contractors will tell you. In these cases, our local company offers restoration services. These projects are time-consuming due to extensive repairs. Despite these factors, the costs are lower than hardwood flooring installation. Our contractors can replace single or multiple boards based on the damage. We also sand the surface and offer dustless services.

Restoration is ideal for floors impacted by these flaws:

  1. Sagging Wood
  2. Warped Floors
  3. Uneven Surfaces
  4. Damaged Subfloor
  5. Holes in Wood
  6. Cracks and Splinters

We bring back the natural beauty of the wood in your home or business. Our restoration services include polishing, applying stains, and protective sealing. Rely on contractors to transform your hardwood flooring Los Angeles CA locals.

Dustless Sanding

Sanding is a requirement during hardwood flooring refinishing Los Angeles residents. Stripping the surface is also done for installations and repairs. The equipment makes a mess and may cause respiratory problems. We offer dustless sanding, a cleaner and healthier option for hardwood floors.

State-of-the-art equipment provides the following benefits:

  1. Approximately 99% of sawdust is trapped, improving air quality.
  2. Spaces are cleaner, and toxins are removed from the flooring.
  3. Dustless sanding reduces allergies and skin irritations.
  4. Air quality does not aggravate breathing conditions like asthma.
  5. Eliminates the need for professional cleaning services.
  6. Dustless sanding takes less time than traditional equipment.
  7. This is an option for all hardwood flooring services.

The final benefit is that dustless sanding provides superior results. Let our local company know if you are interested in this cleaner alternative. Contact us to discuss your project for hardwood flooring Los Angeles property owners.

Buffing and Waxing

Do you want to avoid sanding your hardwood flooring Los Angeles residents? Buffing and waxing are two alternative services. Have our local contractors address minor flaws or add shine to dull surfaces. These processes also work on tile and cover sections or the entire floor. Buffing polishes the materials with hand tools or a machine and is ideal for issues in the top coats. Once finished, we apply a new protective sealant to preserve the surface.

Waxing is another option for tile and hardwood floors, but it takes longer than buffing. We strip and remove existing coatings with a strong chemical substance. Our flooring contractors will apply fresh layers of wax. This method adds strength and protects against scuff marks. Buffing and waxing may better suit your needs instead of sanding. We can discuss these alternatives to hardwood flooring refinishing Los Angeles locals. Our contractors have years of experience to help you make the best choice for your home or business.

Staining Services

A key part of hardwood flooring refinishing Los Angeles projects is applying stain. Our local services let you create a new look or add shine to interior surfaces. Choose to completely change the color or keep the existing one. Our flooring contractors also apply transparent stains to the hardwood. Protective polyurethane coatings are also required for long-lasting results.

The top coat prevents the surface from scratches, spills, stains, and other damage. The number of layers depends on the location and type of polyurethane. High-traffic areas may require several coats for optimal protection. Rely on us for staining your hardwood flooring Los Angeles property owners. Our local company will revitalize the interior of your home or business.

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