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Cork and Reclaimed Wood Los Angeles CA Flooring

In addition to bamboo, we offer other eco-friendly wood flooring Los Angeles environmentalists. Cork is affordable and sustainably sourced from the bark of an oak tree species. Choose engineered or waterproof planks or tiles in your preferred color and finish. The wood is hypoallergenic, durable, noise-reducing, comfortable, and easy to clean. One downfall is that the earth-friendly material is easily susceptible to damage. Repairs and gentle refinishing services help restore cork surfaces.

Reclaimed wood creates salvageable flooring, a sustainable choice growing in popularity. The lumber comes from old buildings and is repurposed. Oak, maple, walnut, and mahogany are common species people seek. The environmentally-friendly lumber is sometimes difficult to source. Our contractors install salvaged planks to create a look you love. Rely on us if you want cork or reclaimed wood flooring Los Angeles locals.

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