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Are you considering bamboo hardwood flooring installation Los Angeles homeowners? More customers are turning to this eco-friendly material. Stalks of the renewable plant are produced into planks. Bamboo is the most durable and sustainable type of flooring. The upfront costs are high, but the wood can undergo refinishing and last for years.

These are the types of bamboo flooring:

  • Strand woven planks are solid and suitable for residential and commercial properties. The bamboo is fused by heat and has twice the durability of oak.
  • Vertical and horizontal strips adhere together in a particular direction. Choose from a wide or narrow grain pattern.
  • Engineered bamboo planks are combined with plywood or other composite materials. The layer serves as a backing and offers water and moisture resistance.

Choose the style, color, board size, grain, and finish you want for your wood flooring. Natural bamboo has light golden tones, and carbonized is heated to a dark brown. There are also pre-stained gray, ivory, tan, and black planks. Our contractors refinish all styles, but strand woven is challenging to stain. Contact us to discuss sustainable bamboo wood flooring Los Angeles residents.

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